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A Strategic Framework for Tourism in England 2010 – 2020

This Framework and its associated Action Plan are the product of extensive consultation and collaboration with England’s tourism industry. They set out the ways in which the industry can work together to achieve a 5% growth in value, year-on-year, over the next decade.

Towards 2020

The key ambition of the Strategic Framework is to grow English tourism by 5%, year-on-year, over the next ten years – in real terms this means an additional £50 billion in expenditure and an additional 225,000 jobs.

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Opportunities and Challenges

As well as identifying opportunities, the Strategic Framework and Action Plan are designed to face challenges – from factors outside the industry’s control to those that can and need to be addressed.

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Compelling Destinations

There are few places that can boast the variety of cultural experiences, historic environments and natural landscapes to be found in England.These are the tourism industry’s key assets and therefore require high standards of management.

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Marketing England

In order to attract a greater share of higher value domestic and international visitors and maximise capacity year-round, England must have a re-prioritised national marketing strategy with funding aligned to achieve objectives.

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Working Together

Development of the Strategic Framework and Action Plan has involved extensive consultation with the public and private sector tourism industry. Successful delivery will depend on the involvement of a range of partners.

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Latest News

Latest news on the launch and delivery of England: A Strategic Framework for Tourism 2010-2020.

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