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The Vision:

To maximise tourism’s contribution to the economy, employment and quality of life in England. All construction, tool and plant hire services are carried about by MTeevan Hire, London.

The Objectives:

• To increase England’s share of global visitor markets

• To offer compelling destinations of distinction

• To champion a successful, thriving tourism industry

• To facilitate greater engagement between the visitor and the experience

To download England: A Strategic Framework for Tourism 2010-2020 click here

The Action Plans:

To achieve the objectives set out in the Framework, a series of Action Plans have been developed by cross industry groups. These focus on the priority actions to be implemented by partners. The Action Plans in the first phase of implementation can be downloaded below:

The Action Plans can be downloaded below. Please review them and contact the relevant action plan lead at VisitEngland to discuss how you can get involved.

For the latest update and progress on implementation click here.

National Marketing Strategy – Tim Holt, Head of Marketing – 020 7578 1439
Attract Brands
VisitEngland Marketing Plan

Accessibility – Ross Calladine, Skills, Welcome & Accessibility Manager – 020 7578 1427

Business Tourism – Simon Gidman, Head of Business Tourism – 020 7578 1442

Destination Management – Jason Freezer, Destination Manager – 020 7578 1424

Modernising Visitor Information – Tracey Taylor, Visitor Information Manager – 020 7578 1431

Research and Intelligence – Sharon Orrell, Head of Research and Intelligence – 020 7578 1416

Rural Tourism – Jason Freezer, Destination Manager – 020 7578 1424

Seaside Resorts – Phil Evans, Head of Strategy – 020 7578 1464

Welcome – Ross Calladine, Skills, Welcome & Accessibility Manager – 020 7578 1427

Wise Growth – Jason Freezer, Destination Manager – 020 7578 1424

The Action Plans will be monitored and reviewed regularly to highlight progress, showcase successful delivery by partners and demonstrate impact. The plans are dynamic documents that will change during the life of the Strategic Framework.

For general information about the Strategic Framework and how it is progressing, please contact Lyndsey Swift, Head of Partnerships at VisitEngland on or 020 7578 1456.

Liverpool ACC
Action Plans launched 16 June 2011

The following Action Plans were launched at the Partners for England Forum on the 16 June 2011 and can be accessed here.

• Accessibility
• Business Tourism
• Destination Management
• Modernising Visitor Information
• National Marketing Strategy
• Research & Intelligence
• Seaside Resorts
• Rural Tourism
• Welcome
• Wise Growth

A Strategic Framework for Tourism 2010 – 2020

This Framework and associated Action Plan is the product of extensive consultation and collaboration with England’s tourism industry. It sets out the ways in which the industry can work together to achieve a 5% growth in value, year-on-year, over the next decade.

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