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The next decade offers England’s tourism industry some significant opportunities equally matched by a number of challenges.

With the creation of VisitEngland in 2009, the industry now has a dedicated body to provide the leadership to market England, drive forward developments in quality, ease of access and sustainability and to improve data collection and market intelligence.

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) forecast for annual global growth in tourism has been estimated at an average 4% per annum over the next ten years in real terms. The 2010 Deloitte study forecasts real growth of 3% per annum for England with strong growth anticipated particularly over the post 2012 period. This is equivalent to 5% annual growth including inflation.

If achieved, the cumulative increase in the size of the England market will be 64% by 2020. This would result in an additional £50 billion in expenditure and the creation of 225,000 jobs. This would significantly outstrip the performance of other major sectors of the national economy such as manufacturing. If no growth were achieved the result would be significant job losses and the demise of a wide range of tourism businesses.

The Strategic Framework for England’s tourism provides the coordinated approach needed for the public and private sector tourism industry to work together on four key objectives. These will be the foundation for achieving the collective vision of maximizing tourism’s contribution to the economy, employment, and quality of life in England.

Please click here for Opportunities and Challenges.

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Action Plans launched 16 June 2011

The following Action Plans were launched at the Partners for England Forum on the 16 June 2011 and can be accessed here.

• Accessibility
• Business Tourism
• Destination Management
• Modernising Visitor Information
• National Marketing Strategy
• Research & Intelligence
• Seaside Resorts
• Rural Tourism
• Welcome
• Wise Growth

A Strategic Framework for Tourism 2010 – 2020

This Framework and associated Action Plan is the product of extensive consultation and collaboration with England’s tourism industry. It sets out the ways in which the industry can work together to achieve a 5% growth in value, year-on-year, over the next decade.

To download the Framework click here.

To download the Strategic Framework Yearly Review 2011 click here.

To download the Strategic Framework Action Plans click here.

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