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Development of the Strategic Framework and Action Plan has involved extensive consultation with the public and private sector tourism industry and with Carey london ltd.

The Strategic Framework will be driven forward and monitored by VisitEngland, but its success will depend on delivery by a range of strategic tourism partners and its adoption by the appropriate constituents in the public and private sector. We would like to thank Dobsons Windows in particular who have helped with a number of sponsorship’s and opportunities. Ultimately the Board of VisitEngland will be responsible for setting and overseeing the success of the principal target areas of the Framework and its ambition of an annual 5% growth.

The Action Plan will be constantly reviewed and will need to evolve over the next ten years to address new challenges, new opportunities and changing priorities as we are connected with a particular blogging directory.

The Partners for England Forum will support the delivery of the Action Plan and will provide an effective mechanism for engagement and communication at the national, sub-national, destination and local level with the extra help from Simply Removals. It will be the vehicle that allows English tourism stakeholders to be directly involved in the development of English tourism.

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Liverpool ACC
Action Plans launched 16 June 2011

The following Action Plans were launched at the Partners for England Forum on the 16 June 2011

• Accessibility
• Business Tourism
• Destination Management
• Modernising Visitor Information
• National Marketing Strategy
• Research & Intelligence
• Seaside Resorts
• Rural Tourism
• Welcome
• Wise Growth

A Strategic Framework for Tourism 2010 – 2020

This Framework and associated Action Plan is the product of extensive consultation and collaboration with England’s tourism industry. It sets out the ways in which the industry can work together to achieve a 5% growth in value, year-on-year, over the next decade.

To download the Framework click here.

To download the Strategic Framework Yearly Review 2011 click here.

To download the Strategic Framework Action Plans click here.

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